About Me

Hi, I’m Povilas − a software engineer. I live in Vilnius, Lithuania and I work remotely.

I’m proficient in Kubernetes, Prometheus and Go Programming Language.

I love chewing over a problem to find a solution. The freedom of working remotely encourages me to be curious and keep on learning. I contribute to multiple open source projects. Please take a look at my GitHub profile if you want to scratch your curiosity!

Being a certified Kubernetes administrator, I have the insight and experience in production-grade Kubernetes deployments to help you with any challenges that you might be facing. I choose to understand how people work and as such propose solutions to simplify time-consuming processes by using automation wherever it’s practical. Automating tiring processes, in turn, helps to improve infrastructure best practices, transforms incident management, increases productivity, and most of all raise your services reliability as you concentrate on what truly matters

Site outages, network errors, complex failure scenarios and other sophisticated technical emergencies are the main concerns that I’m prepared to resolve. I certainly don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead of this, I will understand your needs and priorities and engineer a custom solution that fits and accomplishes your goals

Currently, I’m building my personal minimal Linux environment using Gentoo. I care about SRE culture, open source and software observability.